Product: Mobile App | Brand: adidas

All Day is a women's workout & wellness app by adidas. It provides users a holistic view of wellness by focusing on four key pillars: Movement, Nutrition, Mindset and Rest. It serves curated content, expert knowledge and influencer inspiration - all through the lens of a leading sports brand and culture. Available on iOS (rating 4.7) and Android (rating 4.3). 

As a product team we designed, developed, tested, launched, supported and iterated the app to it's current version (v2.9.0).



- Fast Company 

  "The World's Most Innovative Companies 2018 - #02 Adidas - for challenging itself and customers with the All Day lifestyle app" 

- Forbes

- Engaget



Project: Website | Client: Gogoro | Agency: Cinco Design 

Gogoro is a smart scooter company based in Taipei, Taiwan. Cinco was tasked with the role of concepting, designing and developing the gogoro.com experience for a global product launch. The goal was to create a digital web experience that focused on three core areas: 1) Product Storytelling, 2) Online Store and 3) Scooter Customization. All original content (video, photography, copy) were produced by Cinco. The website launched alongside CES 2015.



- FWA Site of the Day

- Awwwards Site of the Day

- Site Inspired


Project: Website | Client: Carbon3D | Agency: Cinco Design 

Carbon3D is a 3D printing startup that uses CLIP (Continuous Liquid Interface Production) Technology by leveraging light and oxygen to print polymeric parts. Cinco partnered with the silicone valley startup during stealth mode to achieve two things: 1) Brand & Product Launch at TED and 2) Digital Web Experience - carbon3d.com. All original content (video, photography, graphics) were produced by Cinco. The website launched in tandem with the live presentation/global launch at TED 2015 in Vancouver, BC.



- Science Magazine

- Fast Company

- Wired


Project: Digital Installation & Website | Client: Spotify | Agency: The Brigade

The Spotify Music Mosaic photo booth is an installation that generates a unique digital mosaic based on a Spotify user’s listening history. The booth does three things: 1) Takes your photo with an app, 2) Generates a personalized mosaic based on your listening history 3) Emails/texts you a link to view and listen to your favorite songs. The original installation was created for The Spotify House at SXSW 2014 and was an extension of the spotifyhouse.com digital hub. The booth also travelled to Coachella 2014.



- Biz Bash

- VP+C Best Experiential Ideas

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